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It’s easy to overlook the importance of loading docks to business operations. But dock areas that are unsafe, poorly designed, or rely on outdated equipment can quickly become a company’s Achilles heel.

Injury to workers. Damage to equipment or products. Security threats that weaken supply chains. Losses due to theft. Loss of productivity due to inefficiency: every day around the world, docks are scenes of crimes against safety and profitability.

Safety-, security-, and productivity-enhancing expertise for all your

dock and door needs

Excel’s location in a major North American distribution center has given us years of experience in the design, construction, and upgrading of commercial doors and docks.

Whether it’s meeting safety and health standards, reducing liability risk, improving equipment reliability, securing the supply chain, reducing theft, improving safety, streamlining dock traffic to boost productivity, or helping you “run greener” by saving energy, Excel can help you protect people, products, and profits.

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EXPERTISE & experience in

Dock & Door Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair services

Capabilities include:

  • Safety Solutions
  • Productivity & Efficiency Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Energy Conservation Solutions
  • Special Equipment & Products, including commercial dock and garage doors, curtains and grilles, loading dock shelters and seals, loading dock levelers, vehicle restraint systems, and other loading dock accessories
  • Safety Equipment
  • Storage Solutions
  • Repair and Adjustments
  • Preventive Maintenance Program




Custom Capabilities

People, equipment, and services, aligned to create the right environments for your operations.


Unstinting Service

Count on ongoing service and support from our skilled team of professionals to ensure your equipment is maintained and performing the way it should.


Agile Partnership

Things change. As a single-source Design-Build MEP and Facilities Maintenance expert, we will be there when they do.

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Smart solutions, expert installation and repair, and informed, intelligent maintenance to keep your operations on track: see how Excel Dock & Door services can make your business more efficient.